Hop on The Social Media Train and Don’t Get Left Behind – Social Media Marketing

More than 3 billion people use social media every day. With its enticing presence in many lives, there is no doubt how huge its influence is on its users.

More brands and business have diversified their marketing efforts on multiple platforms so that they boost their reach. However, not everyone takes advantage of social media’s untouched capabilities.

Now let’s get to understand what social media marketing is.

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media platforms. These platforms are used to interact and connect with the audience to build a brand, increase sales and drive traffic to the company’s website. Having a social media account to represent your brand in crucial in this digital age. 73% of consumers were drawn by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchase decision (Animoto 2018)

It is smart for businesses to follow where their desired market goes. Companies can create the best product and content but are unable to reach those they want to have an impact on. Social media houses people of different demographics, interests and personalities. It is a shame to not tap into this market and utilise social media to reach the company’s fullest potential.

Here are some ways social media marketing can help you reach your businesses goals:

  1. Growing awareness and recognition for your brand and products

Social media platforms allow a brand to showcase who they are, what they represent and what they have to offer. Spreading the word about your brand is made easier with social media. Now you have to create your brand’s image and who you want to target.

Building a consistent core identity across platforms allows your brand to be recognised easily. The construction of a social media presence includes both strategy and creativity.

Firstly, define what you hope to achieve through social media. Would you want to be discovered? Do you want to drive traffic to products? Having a clear goal allows you to move in the right direction. The social media experience may be a daunting one if you’re just starting out. Building a following of fans of your product and service is the first step. However, time is of the essence. Plan out what you want to achieve to say ahead of upcoming competitors.

Business women are checking the company performance chart.She hold the graph in hand and taking notes in the book.

Next, plan on how you way your brand to be seen. Friendly? Artsy? Sophisticated? Social media can help build a visual impression[1]. One that can have a long-lasting impact on your customers. Importantly, to be recognised, your content should be coherent. This includes what images you use, the colours representing your brand and how your words are phrased. All these will account to how your followers and potential customers resonate with your brand.

Lastly, think of who your target audience is. This is an important step as your content will be curated around what they like, attracting them to follow and engagement with your account. Adapting to what pleases your audience will help grab their attention. It’s human nature to be greedy and want more followers and likes. However, if they are not going to help you reach your end goal, having them is counterproductive.

[1] People Are Going to Want to Check Your Instagram Account Out

Don’t waste your efforts in just building a pretty Instagram or Facebook page.  Build your brand’s awareness and get recognition for what you have to offer. It’s the way to get people to notice your company and what you have to offer.

  1. Increase your traffic to your product

On the web, all sites have become so intertwined that people hop from one to another very easily. With a strong social media account, you will be able to drive traffic to your blogs, websites or get them to directly contact you. This is how you can convert a follower into a customer. Rope your followers in so that they want to take a specific action. It’s not enough to have great content and hope that people will somehow find it. Use social media channels to promote your products ­­and services.

Social media post with comments in a browser window, a user is pressing the like button: social networks and community concept, collage and paper cut composition
  1. Gain insights on your customers

A great underrated benefit of social media is being able to get to know your customers. Knowing their likes and interests can help your company understand your customers and how better to improve your products and services to meet their wants and needs. It also helps you create content to keep your followers engaged with your account.

How to do this? Go to customers’ profiles and see what they are interested in, how old they are, what other relevant account they follow, places they’ve been, etc. By profiling your customers, you can observe what kind of audience resonates with your product and service and create content more personal and specific to what they would like.

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People Are Going To Want To Check Your Instagram Account Out

200 million monthly active users view at least one business account daily (Instagram Business). Play your cards right and you’ll be part of this statistic. Instagram focuses on giving users images and videos as its main form of content. Therefore, what users first see is what grabs they’re attention. Anyone can go online and post images, but the goal is to stand out from the crowd and after that, get them to stay.

Here are some tips to get noticed on Instagram:

Develop a brand’s personality

Plan out a consistent aesthetic you’d like to follow that represents who you are and what message you are conveying to your followers. Here you can think of ways your visuals can grab your ideal customers and draw them into your Instagram page.

With so many types of businesses and audiences out there, pick a distinct theme that will resonate with your audience. Creating a bond with followers can compel them to eventually make a purchase. Do you want to be fun-loving, inspiring and professional, artsy or simple and chic? Now think about the type of images, videos and colour scheme that would fit your theme.

Here are some brands that are showcasing their personalities through their Instagram page:

@byinviteonlystore’s Instagram page shows the brand chic and feminine personality with their choices of images and neutral colour scheme. Its consistent beige/ orange colour schemes can make fans associate them to the colours they chosen to represent their brand.

@lushcosmetics’ exhibits its fun-loving nature by having colourful and lively images on their Instagram feed. The playful persona can be more inviting to users.

Studies have shown that visual appears is important in 93% cases when purchasing online (Our Social Times). Visual content is easier to process and can get attention and more leads. A brand’s Instagram images, and overall feed can make or break their social media marketing strategy.

Post high quality visuals

Have images that are professional looking and fits the overall theme. Regardless what product or service you’re selling, professionalism is still highly valued.

What can you do to attain this? If you have the budget, hire photographers to help you or invest in a good camera. You can also use your phone cameras to take your images, they will turn out great too[1]. Also ensure that your images are clear. When transferring images amongst devices and staff, ensure that they are not transferred via chat groups. This worsens the quality of the photos and makes it blurry.

Don’t over promote your products

While the ultimate objective of your brand is to boost sales and leads, pushing your sales on Instagram may come off as aggressive. Instead, provide a range of content that will delight your followers. Mix your content type from images to videos to infographics, etc.

@expedia, a travel company, uses its Instagram page to show the experience rather than the deals that they have. Their jaw-dropping pictures creates a journey for followers to live vicariously through.

Having an eye-catching Instagram feed is so important to attracting users into your page. 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing (Social Media Examiner). However, it is vital to get to know your audience before planning on your social media marketing. Observe and analyse your ideal customer’s interest and create an Instagram experience for them[2].

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[2] “How picking the right audience for your social media marketing strategy will boost sales”


How to get noticed on social media – Building a Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is about having a genuine bond with your ideal customer. It goes beyond the visual aids that represent your brand, but the experiences and feelings they have when interacting with your brand.

How can this help you boost sales? Well, if you have a blog, readers will be drawn by an experience you curated previously. And for businesses, you are reputable for being trust-worthy. When you are able to achieve this awareness, you will be able to earn customer’s loyalty and gain creditability. This will put you ahead of your competitors.

Constructing a concrete brand base is not enough. With emerging competitors and more audience to capture, you need to continuously engage with your audience. The better they know your company, the more they are able to trust your products or services.

Here are some ways you can increase your brand awareness on social media:

  1. Curate content that your followers can relate to[1]

Create a virtual environment where followers feel at home. 70% of marketers are persistently investing time into content strategies for brands they represent (HubSpot 2020). Understanding what type and form of content your ideal consumers want gets you one step closer to catching their attention. So importantly, research about your target audience to understand what they would want to know. Provide them with interesting facts that give them more insight into your industry. Design eye-catching artworks to draw them in. Give them a reason to follow and take in your what you have to offer. Pushing your products and services may only push them away. Give them more than what you are trying to sell them.

  1. Talk to your followers

Forge friendships online. Social media was designed to be social. Interact with your followers by having conversations with them. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and many other platforms allows you to reply to comments and send messages your followers. Introduce yourself, ask if they have any inquiries, etc.

  1. SHOW them, don’t just tell them

Establish who you really are on social media. As of 2018, 54% of users go on social media to research about brands and products before purchasing them (GolbalWebIndex 2018). Companies that build high walls may scare potential consumers away, especially when they are sceptical about the staff and how the company is run. Guide them through a staff’s typical day-to-day routine by giving them a virtual tour around the office. When promoting your product, show them how it’s made and bring them through the process. Again, you’re trying to get followers online to get to know you better. These can help them know the people behind the products and appreciate and respect the hard work and dedication the staff display.

  1. Encourage followers to spread the word

It’d never hurt to ask your followers to share your content online. When you’re offering a great service that will appeal to your followers, they would want to share it with friends they know will want to know. So, giving them a little nudge is no big deal. Of course, it goes without a doubt that the content you post sparks their interest first.

Another way is to get previous satisfied customers to post about your product on their own social media. You could ask them to write up a short review and tag your social media account. They’ll help you get the word about your brand out to others and attract others of similar interest to check you out.

Lastly, engage with influencers. With great popularity, comes great influence. Collaborate with influencers to get them to post about your brand. This can help you get the attention from a bigger community. 

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