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What companies learn from the pandemic

It has been roughly a year since the pandemic hit the entire world, and its spread affecting all nations. Since its outbreak, our way of life has changed. The severity of the virus made us change our daily habits. More and more know the consequences of catching this deadly virus, so rules are put in place to keep everyone safe. Lockdowns took place around the world to contain the virus and hinder the spread. While restraining social interaction is vital, it has been detrimental to many small businesses.


Small and traditional businesses were hit the worst as they could not adapt to the changes. It was not easy to acclimate to what the Covid-19 era required -digitisation. Going digital seems jarring to smaller businesses as the platforms seem foreign to them. However, with no signs of an end to this pandemic, it is now or never.


84% of marketers confirm they have ‘improvised to generate new marketing strategies during the pandemic’ according to the CMO Special Covid-19 report in June 2020. It is not surprising that the number is high as the entire scene has changed, and so should you. Distancing is a factor that makes it hard for businesses. What we would do previously is a response to how customers react or how they interact with your products. You have a face-to-face conversation, let them have a feel of the items. How do you achieve this when you are apart? A marketer’s creativity shows how they can create an entirely virtual experience for a customer. How can you trust the company, the people and the items they sell without seeing the product in real life? Here are ways companies have adapted to the pandemic and how these ways are the future of marketing.


Optimise your digital footprint

Expand online! If you already have existing online platforms, go through them, analyse how to better engage with customers during this period. Search algorithm looks up how people can find your brand and how they can learn more. If you have not updated your page in a while, do it now! See where your business is featured, be it on google, social media, Yelp, etc. Make sure to update to the current status of your business. Let them know that business is as per usual.


Anyone can go online and post images, but the goal is to stand out from the crowd and after that, get them to stay. Find out more on how to optimise your digital footprint

Create a virtual experience for them

Distancing can cause many to crave interaction. Customers miss interacting with people, the feel of products and the whole store shopping experience. Think about how you can deliver this same experience online. For example, tourism groups are giving virtual tours for those who miss travelling. All they have to do is hop on a video call, and guides bring them through cities and towns, visiting their iconic landmarks. While travelling is an irreplaceable experience, it is the best way to satisfy our need to explore. Creating a new way for customers to purchase your product or service is the best way to adapt to the times.

Develop a genuine connection with customers

The world is in distress. It is nice to see a brand who customers can trust. Promote what your company stands for, who the people behind the brand, and what they would do for customers.

Optimise your search content

Be the solution to what they are looking for. Many go online to get things done. Maybe they are looking to learn something, take specific actions or find an item. Learn what your customers want and translate that into the content they consume.

Looking back at the year, we have certainly seen it all. No doubt 2020 was a rough year for businesses everywhere but it was also a great lesson. Being flexible to varying situations is key. Whether there is a financial crisis, environmental catastrophe or a worldwide virus outbreak, we can lessen the damages by being ready. Be future ready and never waver.

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