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Hoseiki Jewelry


Hoseiki is a new brand that started in December 2020 admist the pandemic. On one hand, the market was saturated with low quality, cheap gemstone bracelets and on the other, the perception of Feng Shui was outdated and unstylish.


We started by helping them identify their market positioning and helping them develop their packaging to made sure they stood out from the sea of cheap and low quality competitors. Next, we implemented our battle-tested media buying strategy to help them skyrocket their growth from $0 to over $300,000 within 6 months of launch.

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Our Process

Bullseye Targeting

We helped Hoseiki Jewelry identify their ideal customer avatar. Using these traits which we’ve identified, we were able to help Hoseiki generate $5,000+ in sales by sending a free product to 1 influencer with just 4,000 followers.

This showed us the power in narrowing down a brand’s ideal customer profile and the traits which this ideal customer possess.

Unique Marketing Angles

Knowing that the marketplace is flooded with competition, we helped Hoseki Jewelry identify multiple unique selling angles which helped us stand out from the sea of competitors and created a blue ocean for ourselves.

Allowing us to generate 3-5x ROI on their marketing spend consistently month after month.

Constantly Experimenting

In the ever evolving world of digital marketing, we made sure our marketing strategies evolved as well. 

We constantly looked for new ways to generate results for Hoseiki and even helped them expand to Australia, Canada and United Kingdom in just their first year of business.

Stop wasting time and money on faulty ads and ineffective marketing campaigns!

The Results

$ 140000 +
Online Sales In 6 Months
0.99 %
Return On Ad Spend

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