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Reason behind why marketers love videos

Video marketing campaigns are not a new strategy for marketers. Videos continuously used to propose or promote messages of brands or their new product launches. So why talk about it now? Well, the opportunities for video marketing campaigns are increasing. Rather than being a part of the marketing efforts, it has become essentials to a brand’s outreach. As technology advances, videos are increasingly accessible to viewers. Now, posting videos are on every platform and channel.


New social media apps pop up so frequently that it is hard to keep track. To name a few popular ones —Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and Youtube all support videos. In a variety of formats, lengths and genres, these platforms seem to endorse video marketing campaigns. Besides social media outlets, companies showcase their brand through videos on their website. A dynamic video that captures the attention of website visitors instantaneously.

So why place importance on videos?

Digital advances have paved the way for more engagement with customers through videos. Whether it is a live video, informational video or 360-degree video, it allows customers accessibility in the palm of their hands. 69% of marketers say a video is an integral part of their strategy. With mobile video consumption increased by 100% annually, video marketing reach will be advantageous to grow your reach.

Reflecting on 2020 for 2021.

Maybelline - Shoppable videos.

Shoppable videos make shopping a whole lot easier. A customer’s journey from looking at the product to purchasing it is cut short. This form of video marketing boost number of customer conversions as it encourages less time to consider. A in your face “Just get it” factor. Maybelline used Instagram’s video feature to tag products shown in their video. As the influencers talk throughout the video, viewers can easily tap to view the cosmetics they are using and add them to cart. Not only are the videos engaging but  .

Building a consistent core identity across platforms allows your brand to be recognised easily. The construction of a social media presence includes both strategy and creativity.


[1] People Are Going to Want to Check Your Instagram Account Out

Don’t waste your efforts in just building a pretty Instagram or Facebook page.  Build your brand’s awareness and get recognition for what you have to offer. It’s the way to get people to notice your company and what you have to offer.

ANA-VR experience of The Room Business class.

Virtual reality has been hot in the market. Especially with Covid-19, it brings experiences you cannot get. VR allows customers to participate in an activity like a walk around a shop, board a plane, go sightseeing on Mount Fuji. ANA using VR to capture the business class section of the aircraft. They bring us through the plane and assimilate a regular passenger boarding the plane.

Oreo Proud Parent

Doing good may be the most significant trend in 2020. From the Australian Bush Fires to Covid-19 to Black Lives Matters Movement, the year has had its share of environmental issues, global pandemic and political conflicts. Proud Parent advert by Oreo gave what the people wanted. The Ad revolved around parents showing support to their LGBT children. It empowers parents to be proud of their children, regardless of their sexuality. Not only is this a good message for a broader audience to know, but Oreo support to the community will, in turn, generate more support to those who Oreo’s ad touches. Brands need to stand up for causes. Delivering messages that inspire is a great strategy to lead social media conversions and foster brand .

Video campaigns have been the backbone of advertising for years. It has worked before and continues to strive. However, as we grow as a society so should video content. Whether on different platforms or in a differentiate context, we should adapt to what our audience wants to see. We should also take advantage of the digital resources we have to make our brand stand out.

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Maybelline - Shoppable videos.