How to get noticed on social media – Building a Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is about having a genuine bond with your ideal customer. It goes beyond the visual aids that represent your brand, but the experiences and feelings they have when interacting with your brand.

How can this help you boost sales? Well, if you have a blog, readers will be drawn by an experience you curated previously. And for businesses, you are reputable for being trust-worthy. When you are able to achieve this awareness, you will be able to earn customer’s loyalty and gain creditability. This will put you ahead of your competitors.

Constructing a concrete brand base is not enough. With emerging competitors and more audience to capture, you need to continuously engage with your audience. The better they know your company, the more they are able to trust your products or services.

Here are some ways you can increase your brand awareness on social media:

  1. Curate content that your followers can relate to[1]

Create a virtual environment where followers feel at home. 70% of marketers are persistently investing time into content strategies for brands they represent (HubSpot 2020). Understanding what type and form of content your ideal consumers want gets you one step closer to catching their attention. So importantly, research about your target audience to understand what they would want to know. Provide them with interesting facts that give them more insight into your industry. Design eye-catching artworks to draw them in. Give them a reason to follow and take in your what you have to offer. Pushing your products and services may only push them away. Give them more than what you are trying to sell them.

  1. Talk to your followers

Forge friendships online. Social media was designed to be social. Interact with your followers by having conversations with them. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and many other platforms allows you to reply to comments and send messages your followers. Introduce yourself, ask if they have any inquiries, etc.

  1. SHOW them, don’t just tell them

Establish who you really are on social media. As of 2018, 54% of users go on social media to research about brands and products before purchasing them (GolbalWebIndex 2018). Companies that build high walls may scare potential consumers away, especially when they are sceptical about the staff and how the company is run. Guide them through a staff’s typical day-to-day routine by giving them a virtual tour around the office. When promoting your product, show them how it’s made and bring them through the process. Again, you’re trying to get followers online to get to know you better. These can help them know the people behind the products and appreciate and respect the hard work and dedication the staff display.

  1. Encourage followers to spread the word

It’d never hurt to ask your followers to share your content online. When you’re offering a great service that will appeal to your followers, they would want to share it with friends they know will want to know. So, giving them a little nudge is no big deal. Of course, it goes without a doubt that the content you post sparks their interest first.

Another way is to get previous satisfied customers to post about your product on their own social media. You could ask them to write up a short review and tag your social media account. They’ll help you get the word about your brand out to others and attract others of similar interest to check you out.

Lastly, engage with influencers. With great popularity, comes great influence. Collaborate with influencers to get them to post about your brand. This can help you get the attention from a bigger community. 

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[1] “Connect with your followers & convert them into your consumers”