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Your Brand Should Be The Product You Are Selling

Get customers who love your brand

Invite people into your company’s world by sharing your brand’s story. Don’t mistake a brand story solely to the narrative of your history. It can come in any form of content to inspire an emotional reaction from your desired customers. Your brand is what you represent, the values you resonate with, the staff and their journeys, etc. All of this so that your customers build an affinity to your products and your company as a whole. Many companies have write-ups of how the company started, who the owners are and so on. But this lacks a personal touch that connects your customers to your brands. Your brand’s Story can be in different types of content from videos to images to editorials. Promoting your brand’s Story on social media can be an excellent opportunity to get creative and reach a new audience.

A Brand's Story that resonates can convert followers into customers.

We live in an age where people easily differentiate quality products. The community has become pickier about where they want to buy their products. Not only because of price differences but also if brands are making the world a better place. A study by Forbes revealed that customers are demanding for brands to pursue sustainable manufacturing procedures. If your brand isn’t helping your consumers improve their environmental and social footprint, then you’re in danger of disappointing 88% of them (Forbes 2018). TOMS worked with Save the Children for a long-running campaign where every shoe purchased; a pair of new shoes is given to a child in need in partnership with humanitarian organizations. If two companies selling the same slip-on canvas shoes at a marginal price difference, which company would you choose to buy from? Here TOMS sells themselves by their mission to help children from needy communities. TOMS have successfully identified the market’s want to solve social injustices and contributed to the solution. Their cause is a compelling story, as it is one many can understand. Such big campaigns like this remind people, again and again, what TOMS stands for. In the long run, a brand’s Story can also secure your brand’s image.

Here are some good traits of Brands' Stories:

Making their founders public figures.

Following affluent founders is a way to garner support for the company. The owner can announce the fundamental values behind the company’s runnings and how that has kept it afloat. Values such as ensuring mental stability in the workplace, protecting women’s rights, or pursuing a happy working environment can improve your company’s public image.

Embrace the underdog status.

As much as you don’t want to stay on this level for too long, the status can make your brand seem more down to earth compared to big conglomerates. Share your struggles rising to where you are now, how you’re more dedicated to creating a personal experience to each customer and so on. Build a genuine connection with your customers.

Have a Brand Story that invokes change in the world.

Like TOMS, they picked problems and made it their mission. Customers must understand and connect with your story. Jennifer Eggers, group director of brand communication Siegel+Gale, said, “Especially with newer brands, people care and expect that the brand is coming into existence for a good reason – to solve a problem, to change how we do things, to meet a specific need – and the story is central to communicating the brand’s purpose.”

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Build your brand’s awareness and get recognition for what you have to offer. It’s the way to get people to notice your company and how you can contribute to their lives.

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