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This service-based business started out during early 2019, and engaged a social media marketing agency from June till December 2019. However, the social media marketing agency was not able to keep up with their posting schedule, unable to drive walk-ins to their physical store and unable to generate significant leads to make an impact to the revenue of this service-based business. They approached us after getting to know that we’re a revenue-driven social media marketing agency that isn’t caught up with vanity metrics such as impressions, likes or views.


To uncover the problem, we asked them 1 simple question: 

What was their advertising strategy on social media? 

And we realised 2 things that went wrong: 

  1. They were posting 4 times a week.
  2. They were ‘boosting’ posts.


Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with posting 4 times a week or even doubling up organic posts as ads using the ‘Boost Post’ function. The problem comes when they apply what we call the ‘social media guru technique’ on a down trending platform and, not properly identifying their actual business objectives before running Facebook ads.

The second issue was that they did not have proper advertising strategy that was able to generate leads predictably. They were boosting almost every post they had and running ads with the campaign objective ‘Local Business’ in the hopes that someone will see their post/ad and come down to their shop. And as you’ve guessed, it generated almost zero sales even after spending $3,800+ on ads.

Our Solution

We first reduced the quantity of posts per week but increased the quality and value of each post. Secondly, we implemented a proper Facebook advertising strategy that was able to generate leads predictably and affordably. Lastly, ensured that the business owner has a rock solid sales process because without a proper sales process, any amount of leads we generate will be a waste.

The Difference

Previously, they’ve spent $3,828.52 over 6 months to achieve a grand total of only 23 enquiries. With only 2 done deals which even the business owner had a hard time remembering the figure.

After we came in, we help them achieve a grand total of 282 enquiries with only $1,754.99 in ad spend. With 20+ done deals in just 2 months, resulting in an additional $15k+ revenue in the first month and additional $26k+ revenue in their second month just from social media advertising.

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Discover How We Can Accelerate Your Business Growth.