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Solutions Tailored For Your Social Success

With a core focus on driving revenue for our clients and improving their profitability, we offer 4 suites of services – social media brand management, digital media buying, content creation and email marketing; Tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Speak with us today and let’s discover where your blindspots might be and how we can drive more revenue and profitability for you.

Social Media Brand Management

This service is tailored to brands that require a complete change in their overall social media marketing and advertising strategy.

Give us your branding guidelines and direction. We'll do the rest for you.

Digital Media Planning & Buying

Have everything down but just can't crack the code on getting your ads to work?

Whether your brand is at it's infancy or maturity, our flagship service will help you revamp your whole advertising strategy to help accelerate your revenue growth.

Creative Assembly & Creation

Based on our research and well-performing current ad strategies, we repurpose your brand's image or video assets to create fresh new creatives that ultimately drives top line revenue while maintaining costs low.

Email Marketing

While social media ads are important, email marketing is where many agencies and brands drop the ball.

We specialise in ongoing campaign management through advance audience segmentation strategies to drive as much as 20-30% revenue from your existing customers.

Tools Within Our Media Repertoire

Social Media Brand Management

Liminal Pte Ltd, a home security company, trusted us with the growth of their Facebook and Instagram account after a previous marketing agency failed to make progress.

Using a consumer-focused content branding strategy, we were able to grow Liminal’s Instagram account from 34 followers in February 2020 to 845 followers in October 2020. Averaging 100+ followers every month.

By combining Facebook LIVE sessions, influencer marketing campaigns and social media ads, we were able to grow their Facebook page from just over 200 likes to now over 1,500 likes.

Before After
Before After

Digital Media Planning & Buying

H2Hub Pte Ltd, one of Singapore’s largest watch retailers with over 10 physical retail outlets islandwide. They engaged us in February 2020 to take over their social media advertising from another agency that was charging more but not performing.

We did a full audit on H2Hub’s ad account and identified that the previous agency was operating at a loss with a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 0.99.

After establishing a partnership with Two Men Social, we helped H2Hub increase their online sales volume by 290% compared to the previous year, and increased their ROAS to an average of 5.29. In layman terms, that means for every $10,000 spent, H2Hub got back $52,900 in sales. 

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