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How To Achieve Quality Product Images With Phone Camera? - Small Business Tips & Tricks

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Starting a business is very nerve-wracking. Focusing on growing your business and increasing profits, making sure you’re not hitting negatives in your bank accounts. That’s why it’s great to know some tips to save cost while you’re starting your business. Cutting a little cost goes a long way. And keeps you from overstressing.

We’ve all seen high-quality images on websites and social media. Having these images makes a difference for your business and can put you ahead of your competitors. PR News found that online content with suitable images gets 94% more views. However, all companies have a budget to worry about. Especially if you are a new business, money is often tight, and you have to think carefully if good quality imagery is a priority. Time is also of the essence when running a business. With seemingly more pressing tasks, creating images becomes secondary. Although it is a time-consuming task, once you get those images, images can use them repeatedly. Having a stock of ready to go images will make day-to-day runnings more efficient in the future. Thus, having images builds the foundation of your company.


As such, many may scrimp on good images because they would instead allocate the money elsewhere. However, photographs on your website and social media platforms create the first impression for prospective customers. Popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are image centric. They deliver content to their users using images rather than text. These platforms capture their audience’s attention visually. Why has this method been so successful? Because our brains interpret pictures much faster than text. Compare a company that provides online users with a 360-degree vision of products versus a company who describes it in a text. In an eCommerce site, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is essential in selecting and purchasing a product (Jeffbullas 2017). Maybe we can assume that we online consumers lack the imagination a descriptive text can provide. Or perhaps, it is true that a picture does paint a thousand words, more than any text could fathom.

Besides driving the sales of products, quality images create a lasting impression for your brand. Having clear and crisps images of your products and your company’s lifestyle and community show your professionalism. Even if you started the day before, having your online platforms neat and polished will create a promising outlook for your brand. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results (Jeffbullas 2017).

Hiring a professional photographer can be costly, so here are some tips and tricks to achieve quality images from your phone. What the pandemic has shown is that your imagination bounds creativity. Many small online businesses started during the lockdowns. Limited by social restrictions, many whipped out their iPhones, set up their backgrounds and created photos that wow.

What do you need to achieve good quality images?

A good phone camera is all you need


Before you jump the gun and purchase an expensive DSLR camera, stop and plan out what you need. Many phones have fantastic cameras to achieve those high-quality images. Responsival suggests these models can maximise imagery results (2019)- iPhone 8, Google Pixel 2, Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S8 or any of their newer models. Already have those? That’s great! You’re on your way to building your stock of images.

Get a stabiliser

It is relatively cheap to get a tripod to stabilise your phone while taking images and be a good investment. With your tripod, you can achieve consistency in your pictures. Unlike leaning it on walls or bottles, you can fix your tripod’s angles and distance to get the product images you desire. The tripod will tremendously help with your pictures and stabilise your shots to get clear and crisp images.

Perfect your lighting and background

Lighting is essential. Without it, images produced can be dull and unclear. Having multiple images is not enough. As mentioned above, consumers make purchasing decisions based on the quality of the product image. Here are some tips to get that perfect lighting. If you are taking a lifestyle shot with people in it, try and use natural light. The natural light can humanise the image, making it more personal to potential customers. Do test shots throughout the day for the best lighting. For products, utilise ring lights and lightboxes to illuminate your product fully. What can help achieve clear photos is to have a solid colour background. Get large canvases to use as background shots so that your images stand out.

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