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Heavenluxe is a DTC bedding brand that focuses on their 100% Austrian Tencel Sheets. Their main challenge, like many DTC brands, was scaling their ads profitably and consistently.


We utilised their existing offer, repackaged it in an attractive manner, create over 20 creatives monthly and helped them refine their advertising strategy through improvements in their copywriting and optimising their landing page

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Our Process

Identifying An Evergreen Strategy

Looking through their past data, we were able to identify what creative worked for them and what didn’t. Next, we utilised our best performing ad campaign structure that has worked for multiple different brands and hit it off for Heavenluxe immediately.

Fine-Tuning Creative Strategy

Once we stabilised their evergreen a.k.a. always on campaign. We created new, original and high quality ads that builds upon their exiting creatives.

These new sets of fine-tuned ads allowed Heavenluxe to not only get consist sales monthly, but to do that without having to wait on influencers’ content which is often unreliable and inconsistent.

Converting Competitor's Audiences

Last but not least, acquiring customers who were already believers in Tencel wasn’t enough. We created a controversial article that broke the most common believe of consumers which allowed us to get 25.56% CTR on Google Ads that searched for our competitors’ product and help brought in over $90,000+ in sales with a 8.76% conversion rate.

Stop wasting time and money on faulty ads and ineffective marketing campaigns!

The Results

0.99 %
Return On Ad Spend
250 %
Revenue Growth
$ 140000
In Online Sales (3 months)

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