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Pinterest is helping brands grow revenue

Reasons why you should use Pinterest for your business

Are you taking your business on Pinterest? If not, here is why you should! Pinterest is a visual focused social media platform that is currently the fourth most popular out there. While many uses it to get inspiration for clothing, home decor, holidays, photography and much more, it is also a place to connect with potential customers.

Pinterest’s visual search engine makes it unique to other platforms. The app has images on an aspect ratio of 2:3 that fills your feed from top to bottom. While there are captions to the pictures, the words do not distract the visual content. With that, it places a lot more focus on images and the messaging behind them. Since visual search is on the rise, Pinterest is gaining more and more popularity along the way. Who wants to read a long text to understand what the post is trying to say? Its content is easier to absorb and goes straight to the point. Anyways, Pinterest has always seen as uncomplicated. If you are a business endorses fun and creativity, Pinterest is the place to be.

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Pinterest is the best platform for you if...

Do you have a women-centric business? Well, your potential customers are likely scrolling through Pinterest looking for you.

  • 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest

Needless to say, that the conversion rates for Pinterest are pretty high. As users go onto the platform for inspiration, if they find what they like, they will save it on their board.

Well, here’s a good one if you are targeting mums. Go to where the mums are at on Pinterest.

Comparing Pinterest to Facebook

Widely used by businesses, Facebook promotes its products and brand to a broad audience. Here are some factors to comparing these two great platforms.

Pinterest leads you straight to a brand's website.

Pinterest brings you straight to the site so you can get your items, but Facebook does not. Instead of directing you to your google chrome, it stays on the site.

Pinterest boards act as a cart.

Pinterest is a platform that makes you want to save what you like into boards. Your personalised boards act as a cart for your future purchase. No pushy sales needed. Pinterest casually puts what you want in a folder, without you even noticing it.

Facebook has a better reach as likes, comments and shares are displayed to others on your feed.

Unlike Pinterest, Facebook shows you the activity of your friends. If your friend likes something, you can see it on your feed. Wants more enticing than to know what your friends are looking at. Well, I guess they are counting that users do not wish to be FOMO.


98% of Pinterest users already have existing Facebook accounts.

Facebook has a larger audience. So, if you posted your content on both platforms, they probably already saw it on Facebook.

Pinterest is a place worth exploring. In this image inspired realm, users are able to get creative in ways words cannot describe. And your business can do that too.

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