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The rise of the community

Opinions matter. Whether reputationally or to help your company find gaps in their business model, it makes a difference to the conversion rates. Views can come from two groups. One is by previous customers, and the other is the opinions of the public.

Now, statements written, said or illustrated tell a story of your brand and what it represents. With online platforms, there is no limit to the form these opinions come in. Since we are in the digital age, it allows conversations that anyone can view. One’s opinion can influence the way others think. Known as a “Googler”, we have all fallen victim to data we can find online. Want to find out more about a brand, let us go straight to the reviews they have. Let us see who endorses it. Are there nasty responses? What do others think?

Let us understand how each group defines a company’s reputation.

Customer's reviews

Shopping online and reviews come hand-in-hand. Doing research is normality since there are so many cases of scams. Even though digital platforms are no stranger, people still doubt its true quality. Positive reviews reassure potential customers that they can trust brands. According to peopleclaim.com, 71% of people agree on reviews making them more comfortable purchasing items online. From Uber to Amazon, brands are encouraging customers to leave a review. Most of the time, companies spurred customers on with incentives to leave comments. Though with overwhelming good reviews, users may question them all together. Smart Insights claims that a mix of good and bad reviews is the most effective opinions section. It is the best way to boost the reliability of good comments.

Companies can look at the brighter side of negative comments to their advantage. If ASOS, a large clothing brand, did not have precise and consistent measurements for their clothes online. The discrepancy in their e-commerce site will cost them their customers. Ratings and reviews will show that their online store is unreliable. Regardless of their popularity, those who instead shop online will go to a store with better reviews. So, brands can improve their e-commerce content strategies with real-life demonstrations.

Here, ASOS shows models’ walkways to show how the material is and a better look at how it looks. With the model’s fit dimensions provided, online shoppers and greater ease when shopping.

Your Brand Should Be The Product You Are Selling

Many seek comfort in brands that portray similar values. Now it’s your time to seek them. 

Opinionated content marketing

Standing for a social, political or environmental issue as a company can be daunting. In a community with differing views, choosing to support a cause is a bold move. In today’s “cancel culture”, businesses have grown weary of these types of marketing campaigns. Airbnb stood for all nationalities and races after a political conflict that banned refugees from entering American borders. While Ex-President’s Trump was in office, there was a mass of Americans who were in favour of prohibiting refugees as well.

Marketing Insider Group praises companies who have taken strong stands as Airbnb did. But it without said that these campaigns would not have launched if data did not back it up. If the research of the demographics and the goals extensively done, your business model will mirror what your audience wants regardless. These opinions enhance your brand’s voice. Be a thought leader and take the first step to take a stand. By doing so, you will gain the respect and trust of those who resonate with the values you represent.

It’s never easy to stay squeaky clean in a world of keyboard warriors. Whether it’s good publicity or not, take advantage of what you have to offer to your customers. Show the world who you are and what you can do for them. That is what your desired customers want to hear.

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